Arts and Creatives: Unveiling the Business Side


When we discuss artists, creatives, and arts organizations as businesses, it can often lead to puzzled expressions. Nonetheless, it’s a concept that deserves attention.

Profits with Purpose

In this week’s “I Hate Numbers” podcast, we delve into the fascinating realm of the arts and creatives as businesses. While their objectives and motivations may differ, they share fundamental characteristics with traditional enterprises.

Valuable Lessons for All Sectors

Consequently, unlike traditional businesses, arts organizations often utilize their profits to fulfil a particular purpose or support their unique “why.” These surpluses play a crucial role in sustaining and thriving within the arts and creative sector.

Common Ground and Distinct Differences

Arts and social enterprise organizations provide valuable lessons for the private sector. For example, lessons in budgeting, compliance, tracking, and efficient resource management can benefit all industries.

Navigating Unique Considerations

Moreover, when we turn our attention to the arts and creative sector, we embark on a journey through the intricate landscape of funding streams. Here, we encounter the importance of maintaining impeccable cost transparency. Alongside this, we shed light on the nuanced realm of tax considerations that are distinctly unique to this field.

Understanding the multifaceted aspects of funding, cost management, and taxes becomes increasingly vital. This understanding is pivotal, considering the substantial impact that arts and creative businesses have on not only the economy but society as a whole.


If you’re engaged in the arts or creative sector, we invite you to share your thoughts on the distinctions and commonalities compared to the private sector. Your experiences and insights are invaluable to our ongoing discussion. The arts and creative sector encompasses more than just creativity. Likewise, it’s about running businesses with unique challenges and objectives that offer valuable lessons for all industries. What are your thoughts on the creative economy? Join the conversation and share your perspective. Share this episode and explore Numbers Know How for online tools and resources. Until, next time, happy creating!