No matter what kind of business you run, you need to know How to manage your Business Risk.

Running your business will always have some inherent risk involved. There’s no way to completely eliminate the risk, but by understanding and managing it, you can minimise its impact on your bottom line.

In this video I look at the following

  • Firstly, understanding what risk is
  • Secondly, looking at risk categories
  • Thirdly, how you identify risk
  • Lastly, ways to manage your risk

Conclusion to How to manage your Business Risk

Knowing How to manage your Business Risk is a critical part of being a successful business. While you can never completely eliminate the risk, by understanding and managing it, you can minimise its impact on your bottom line. In this week’s I Hate Numbers video, we looked at what risk is, the different categories of risk, how to identify risk in your business, and ways to manage it. Stay tuned for more helpful tips from me and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out!

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