Rethink your relationship with numbers for big business success

You don’t need to make huge changes in your life to be a profitable entrepreneur. In fact, most business growth comes from how much you know about your numbers and what you’re doing about them. No-nonsense accountancy director, Mahmood Reza, knows you just need to flip your mindset about figures to see exponential growth.

How it’s structured


The first few chapters help you build your money mindset and attitude. It’s about defining the framework and approach that will help you create a successful venture. Here, the language of accounting is demystified and simplified so you can grab hold of it and ride those numbers into the stratosphere. Across these chapters, you’ll challenge what you think you know about business resilience, debt, investment and much more.


Planning turns your dreams into reality. But too many sole traders and small business owners spend their time treading water, never really reaching the heights they could. Without the right knowledge around taxes, business structure, cash flow and bookkeeping it’s easy to flounder. Harness the information you need to avoid huge HMRC debts, undervalued time, unpaid invoices and other common pitfalls.


Once you’ve reshuffled and made your growth-hacking plans, you’ll need to organise your business landscape. As you grow, you’ll probably find that things you used to handle yourself (invoicing, payroll, tax returns) are now too complicated. And as you increase your profits, you’re also increasing your risks. Over these chapters, dig into the habits and professional services you can leverage to protect your mental health while strengthening your profits.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from readers just like you.

Well, reading “I hate numbers” was a pleasure as I do hate numbers or rather numbers hate me!

I read the chapters and it reminded me of when I was a Team Leader in the NHS and was more of a psychology approach to me.

Thank you, Mr Reza, for simplifying “numbers” and good luck for your new literary career

It’s not what life throws at you it’s how you deal with it- Tina Turner

Joanne Sibson RMN

I was immediately drawn into I Hate Numbers with the opening paragraph. I have never been business or number minded, so I did wonder how I would find the book.

I must say it was an easy read! Really informative practical and clearly written by someone who obviously knows this stuff!

I loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. I know Mr Reza is a very knowledgeable man and it’s wonderful that he is sharing this knowledge with others in such a practical way. Well done. I don’t hate numbers as much now!

Jeanne Knowles

Accounting is not my thing, especially when it comes to my business.
In fact, I kind of avoided it until I met Mahmood Reza and read his book, “I Hate Numbers”. You see he simplifies all those complicated words and phrases so I can understand them. And guess what, when you understand something it’s far less scary.
Mahmood starts with your Money Mindset which is the biggest roadblock for most of us. The lightbulb went off for me and I no longer loathe working on my business books. It’s actually kind of fun now that I understand it!
When you combine stories, humour and practical tips shared in a logical order you really can learn to LOVE Numbers!

Mary Fain Brandt
CEO and Chief Connector at Mary Fain Brandt Coaching & Consulting

About the author

Mahmood Reza

Mahmood Reza is the founder of Pro Active Resolutions accountancy, Numbers Know How education and host of the eye-opening podcast also titled I HATE NUMBERS. Mahmood started his accountancy brand from his bedroom in 1995 and grew it from a lean startup to an effective SME by applying the very same techniques shared in this book. He’s a staunch believer that accounting shouldn't be full of jargon and gatekeeping. So, through his own learning delivery company, YouTube channel, branded podcasts and lectures, Mahmood seeks to simply and eagerly communicate the importance of building a healthy relationship with business numbers.

Rethink your relationship with numbers for big business success.

You don’t need to make huge changes in your life to be a profitable entrepreneur. In fact, most business growth comes from how much you know about your numbers and what you’re doing about them. No-nonsense accountancy director, Mahmood Reza, knows you just need to flip your mindset about figures to see exponential growth.

He calls this money mindset.

Chapter after chapter, Mahmood breaks through your mental barriers and demystifies planning, taxes, debt, company structure and more into simple terms. This is a book for the layperson. For the creatives. For the people who say I HATE NUMBERS but don’t know what that is doing to their bottom line. In three acts, this book will shift your thinking, help you focus on planning and encourage you to tap into all available resources to avoid pitfalls and stay motivated while growing your top-shelf business.

Learn to love numbers and see your business, career and your life change forever.

This book will change your life by changing your relationship with numbers.

Step 1:

Build your money mindset and attitude. Shed the ideas that aren’t serving your business growth.

Step 2:

Planning turns your dreams into reality. Prepare for good days and bad for a smooth business journey.

Step 3:

Organise your business landscape. Tap into external and internal resources to protect your mental health and fuel further growth and success.

Read the back cover:

Welcome to ‘I Hate Numbers’. 

So why is this book so harshly named?

Well, I actually love numbers and what they can do for my business – and every business - but I come across so many people who have a real fear of numbers/maths/accounts (and accountants), and therefore, their business struggles to survive, never mind thrive. If only they knew how to get a fondness and some kind of control of those numbers!

Why am I so passionate about all of this stuff I’m putting out into the public domain? It’s my belief that once you understand what your numbers are, where they come from, and what they mean, you can use them to make better decisions and ultimately make (or keep) more money. What every business owner wants, right?

The one thing I’ll always guarantee you, is that whether you’re the CEO of a global corporation, or a market stall trader in your local town, your numbers matter – and you simply can’t get away from them. This book is your chance to get them all in one place, face your fears, and start making those numbers work for you.

Mahmood Reza

Mahmood Reza is a writer, accountancy director and lecturer dedicated to helping businesses make sense of the facts & figures that fuel their growth. He’s a twice-over entrepreneur in his own right with a successful accountancy firm and learning delivery company providing decades of high-quality financial education & support.

Mahmood also hosts a podcast I HATE NUMBERS which is lauded for its bold and brash approach to accountancy and financial topics like pricing, product grouping, taxes and more.