In the world of business, the way you describe yourself holds significance – no matter if you are a startup, freelancer, or a charity. You can shape other people’s perceptions and make meaningful connections by saying the right things when describing yourself as a business. It’s time to rethink your understanding of business and embrace another perspective that goes beyond the traditional ways.

The power of perception 

Consider this – if you only describe yourself and stick to titles such as “freelancer” or “charity”, you limit perception. With this limited perception, people may not see you for your capabilities and the contributions you can make. Are you passionate? Do you work hard? Are you trying to make a positive change in your clients’ lives? However, by just labeling yourself as a freelancer, you can be downplaying your achievements. Describing yourself as a business goes beyond titles.

Beyond titles: Describing yourself as a business 

Moreover, the size of an organisation should not indicate its success. Whether it is one person or a corporation, if it provides or manages anything, it can be called a business. It’s time we make the term “business” more inclusive. Regardless of the shape, title, size, type of organisation i.e. the business model – there’s a need for recognition.

So, you are a freelancer or a startup and being a one-(wo)man operation has lost you clients. Or you haven’t gained the recognition you deserve. Don’t worry.

Wondering how to describe yourself as a business? Here’s a video on that specifically. Check it out to learn why describing yourself as a business is what you need to do from now on.

Finally, remember you are a business, own it and let me help you find ways to show it.

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