One of the problems, if not the biggest, that most business owners have when it comes to planning their future, getting more customers, figuring out the costs and making money is not taking into account all the important bits and pieces. That’s where a Business Model Canvas comes in.

Wondering what a Business Model Canvas is?

It’s basically a fill-in-the-blank template that will help tremendously with everything that you do in your business. 


Because a Business Model Canvas takes you through the crucial parts that make up the foundation of your business model. The results will be:

  1. You won’t miss any crucial things, and 
  2. Your budgeting and business planning will be standing on solid ground.

In this week’s vlog, I explain what the different building blocks of your business model are. These are actually the parts the Business Model Canvas consists of.

Get your Business Model Canvas template here.

I also give examples of how to fill in the Business Model Canvas. Because we all know that feeling of getting stuck staring at a blank page i.e. form to fill. Watch the video below to find out more.

The benefits of using the Business Model Canvas template 

So, having watched the video about all the elements you need to consider and be extremely clear about what they all are for your business, you can now:

  1. Decide if you want to niche down, or expand the audience you serve
  2. Make informed decisions about how you deliver your value to your customers
  3. Choose the appropriate marketing for your business
  4. Prepare for the costs you will face
  5. Use a suitable pricing model to make good profit.


What’s not to love about the Business Model Canvas? But most importantly, you will know that you are not doing things blindfolded. The reassurance of doing your due diligence will give you the confidence and calmness to face any adversities. To minimise these, there’s something that any small business owner, social enterprise or organisation passionate about change can make good use of. Because managing your finances can be a lot of work – trust me – finally, there’s software that makes keeping track of your cash flow and financial planning easier: Numbers Knowhow. It helps you stay organised so you can focus on what matters to you; the creative work and the impactful change. Take a step away from the chaos with fast setup & easy navigation – numbers just got real…for the better! Get organised & make sense of it all with Numbers Knowhow today!