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Xero: The benefits to you and your business.

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Firstly, taking on new systems can be daunting, however cloud systems such as Xero can really make things a lot easier for you.

For example, setting up Xero is fairly straight forward and user friendly. Above all, as long as you can use a computer you’ll be fine

It tells you how much cash you have coming in and out

Keeps records up to date at the touch of a button

Tells you what you have owed to you

Send and record invoices which you can tailor make for you and your company- such as add your logo and bank details etc

The benefits of Xero Accounting:

More than 1 person can use it at the same time- which helps you to be more effective

Shows you how your finances are in real time

You will find you have more time doing things you enjoy. Everything updates automatically

It all runs online, your work is saved and backed up all the time, ensuring you don’t lose anything

Try it- you’ll be glad you did!

Three key steps:

1.Get ready

 Look at what you need from The Cloud i.e. what reports do you need? Do you want it to link with other apps? etc

Tell everyone you work with and show them how it works

Select a date for moving stuff across – it will probably be better to do this at the end of your financial year or when your next VAT quarter is

Make a checklist of what information you need to transfer- such as customer and suppliers contact details, what account headings you think will be useful etc

2. Move it

Once you’ve done all the prep press that button and go live!

Any system that you’ve previously used will help the move go more smoothly

3. Enjoy- and use the time that you’ve saved!

Try to get the best from your new Xero system- any gremlins give us a call and we’ll show you how to use this system to your best advantage. We can help train you and your staff if you need a helping hand

You will love it once you get the hang of it- it really will cut down time you spend invoicing and chasing up debt. The more technical side of things is where we can help

Finally make sure you use your new system regularly to benefit from it’s full potential

Xero and Cloud Accounting – Getting Started

Contact us today to see how we can help you and your business move to Xero. We can also help with all your accounting and tax needs. For more business and finance , news, advice and tips, don’t forget to watch our weekly broadcasts, listen to our weekly podcast I Hate Numbers.

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