Firstly, being part of a team matters – even for those of us used to flying solo. Secondly, when you are part of community and build connections you can facilitate business growth and success. Working together is beneficial for you and your business.

So why is that?

Team work

Most businesses and the self employed are typically independent individuals .  You will take on many tasks such as HR, finance, and marketing.  These tasks are typically done by different departments in a larger business, . This self-sufficient entrepreneurialism can make for a highly dynamic business, but sometimes it’s good to find a peer group, and network with other like minded business owners. Communication and collaboration are great ways to learn and grow, and finding your supporters and tribe to help you do that is invaluable.

Learning from others

Everyone has experiences to share, and learning from the successes and mistakes of others can help you in your own business development. Planning in isolation can lead to a blinkered view.  You end up doing what you know which is what you’ve always done. A vibrant community can help stimulate new ideas and promote interesting perspectives on things. Rather than reinventing the wheel, you share assets and ideas, saving time and freeing up your head for growth focused activities. And you can improve yourself, building and growing on what you know to progress.

Accountability for business growth

Having other people as part of your support network also helps with accountability. Once you’ve told someone you’re going to do something, you’re committed! It’s powerful to have a cohort of people making you accountable.  They will keep you on track, ask you questions, expect updates, and want to know how you’re doing. Accountability to others makes you more responsible, you are motivated to do the activities to keep you engaged in growing the business. When you know you have to check in, you find yourself keeping focused and aligned to your goals – no one wants to lose face in front of peers. It helps keep you focused on your goals, which keeps the business growing.


Having a weekly catch up with the group means that you are regularly reminded of what you’re doing and what you have committed to. The right regularity is helpful, as it’s an opportunity to stop and reflect on your activity and monitor progress against objectives, making small adjustments if needed. Once a week is just enough to keep you on track, without overwhelming you with time commitment.

The Business Growth Hub

But what if you don’t have a team? Well, make one, or be part of one.  Join our Business Growth Hub, be part of a community of people who support each other to business success.  Contact us to find out more

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