So, if you’re someone who hates numbers I have five reasons Why you should ignore your numbers.

  • Firstly, if having no clarity or focus in your business sounds appealing to you then by all means continue to avoid looking at your numbers.
  • Secondly, if making decisions on the fly without any real understanding of what is happening works for you then keep doing what you’re doing.
  • Thirdly, if experiencing stress and anxiety is how you like to roll then go ahead and stay blissfully ignorant of your numbers.
  • Fourthly, if feeling like you’re in control and knowing what is happening with your business puts too much pressure on you then don’t worry about it!
  • Lastly, if having a time consuming hobby that doesn’t make any profits is more up your alley than actually making money then ignore away.

.Although it may be tempting to ignore your numbers, there are many reasons why you should not. The most important reason is that by understanding and paying attention to your numbers, you put yourself in the driver’s seat of your business and can make better decisions based on data rather than guesswork. If this sounds like something you would prefer to avoid, then I suggest subscribing to my I Hate Numbers You Tube channel where I will continue providing helpful tips and information about all things related to numbers (and how to ignore them).

Good to know

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