Are you a business owner managing the complex world of financial management? In today’s digital age, cloud accounting has emerged as an appealing solution that promises efficiency and accessibility. But is it really the right fit for every business? In my latest video, I discuss the seven reasons why cloud accounting might not be the silver bullet you’ve been looking for.

Understanding cloud accounting

Before I reveal the reasons, let’s first understand the concept of cloud accounting. It’s the digital evolution of traditional accounting methods, with online tools used to simplify financial tasks. Imagine upgrading from a slow old car to a new, powerful machine – that’s the allure of cloud accounting.

The 7 reasons why cloud accounting is bad

  1. You utterly enjoy your accounting admin time and you don’t mind spending large chunks of your time doing that.
  2. Cash flow and profits are not something you monitor regularly. You’re OK with having only a rough idea of how your business is doing.
  3. You rely on your gut instincts when making decisions and prioritise impulsive decisions over data-driven strategies.
  4. To you, your business is more of a passion project than a revenue generator. No need for cloud accounting then!
  5. You prefer reactive crisis management over proactive operational streamlining.
  6. Spreadsheets and dusty filing cabinets are still your trusted companions but embracing remote access and data transparency is key in today’s digital landscape.
  7. Saving time and cutting down on manual tasks isn’t your priority.

To learn more about these seven reasons against cloud accounting, watch the video below.


In conclusion, if you like the idea of easy access to your finances from anywhere and you’re okay with learning new tech tools, cloud accounting is great for you. But if doing things the old-fashioned way is your thing and you’re not sure about all this digital stuff, you can always drop us a line and we’ll make sure you transition to cloud accounting smoothly.

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