There are many different business structures available, but What saves you the most tax?. Sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and more. Which one is best for your situation?

In this episode of I Hate Numbers I’m going to look at What saves you the most tax? I will look at the difference between the different taxes for sole traders and companies, paying yourself, which structure makes you more money.

My FREE online tax calculator will show you the total tax to pay for both business types, give you options and help you plan.  Subscribe now!

You’ll learn about all your options in this podcast episode of I Hate Numbers.  My FREE online tax calculator is ready and waiting for you.

Sole Trader vs Limited Company Tax Calculator

You can’t decide ‘What saves you the most tax?’ without looking at the numbers. Moreover, how it works and how much you pay, and which is better. When it comes to crunching the numbers, I have just the thing for you! FREE online calculator.

The best way to find out if a limited company or sole trader is right for your business is by using my free online calculator tool.  It will help you work out what’s best for your needs based on your circumstances.

Click here now to get started.  My free online sole trader versus limited company tax calculator shows the tax you will pay, personally and business wise. You can see your take home pay from both options. Use the sliders to see the impact of changing profits, salaries, and dividends

You do not have to worry about making this decision alone! Contact us to see how we can help How to decide which type of stricture is best for you.  Arrange an initial chat to talk options  Our news section, FREE online calculators is there for you.  Just click here now to get started!

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