Choosing the right pricing strategy and knowing what is right for your business is one of the most important questions and decisions you will face. Setting the right price for your product is an important part of running a successful business.

It’s not just about how much to charge, but also what type of price to use. Your choice will depend on your objectives and purpose. There are many different types of prices that companies use in their businesses – each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

What price is right?

When Choosing the right pricing strategy you need to understand what influences pricing.  Moreover, how to set prices that are profitable can be difficult. But it is not impossible! Listen to the podcast to get the information you need to make sure you get it right. I know that ignorance in this area can be a very expensive mistake, so I want to help you avoid making any costly mistakes.

How do I know if my prices are too high or too low?  -What factors influence my pricing models? What should I consider when setting prices?  How do I calculate profit margins?  When should I raise or lower my prices?  Do discounts always mean higher profits? And much more…

The wrong pricing strategy can be a very expensive mistake! Ignorance in this area can put severe limits on your business and disrupt your cashflow.

It’s crucial to know and understand your market, costs, and customers to set an appropriate price. The Harvard Business Review showed that a 1% improvement in price could improve profits by 11.1%.  Wow!

There are many factors to consider when creating your pricing strategy, and you should be flexible and adaptable as the market changes and demand fluctuates.

What pricing strategy should you choose for your business is not a formula, but numbers help ? Don’t price to please, price to match your performance, experience and worth.” Ned Bryan Abakah

What next

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