Project Tracking by Categories is a big part of effective financial management is the cornerstone of business success. To unlock the hidden gems of profitability and optimize resource allocation, you need a systematic approach. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the concept of project tracking by categories, explore its benefits, and discover how it can supercharge your profits and resource utilization.

Understanding the Significance

In the fast-paced world of business, understanding where your profits originate and how resources are distributed is imperative. This is where the concept of project tracking by categories comes into play. By categorizing your business activities into projects, products, or services, you gain valuable insights that lead to informed decisions.

Breaking Down the Barriers

Many business owners still rely on annual financial statements, viewing them in aggregate. However, this approach can mask vital details. Consider this: if your business generated £100,000 annually with costs of £60,000, you’d assume a £40,000 profit. But within that profit, there are highs and lows that deserve closer attention.

The Power of Categories

Drawing inspiration from arts and social enterprises, which actively employ this strategy, think about the diverse products and services your business offers. Each has its own price point and profitability, along with varying resource requirements. Imagine your business as a supermarket with thousands of products, each contributing differently to your bottom line.

Implementing Project Tracking

For effective project tracking, leverage digital and cloud accounting tools such as Xero. You can categorize income and expenses by project, product, or service, offering a granular view of your financial landscape. This enables you to pinpoint profitable services and address those consuming excessive resources.

Applying the Concept to Your Business

Whether you run a coaching firm or a theatre company, project tracking can revolutionize your financial management. Track income, costs, and resources for each category, providing valuable insights into profitability and resource allocation.

Learning from the Experts

The world of arts and social enterprises excels in project-based income and expense tracking, making it a valuable resource for the private sector. Embrace these techniques to gain a competitive edge.

Product-Based Businesses

Even businesses focused on products can benefit from project tracking by grouping their offerings. Similar to a supermarket categorizing items, this method allows for a more insightful analysis of income and profitability.

Taking Action with Digital Accounting

Digital accounting, like Xero, simplifies the process. Assign income and expenses to specific categories, offering a comprehensive understanding of your financial landscape.

Unveiling Insights

Project tracking by categories provides more actionable insights than viewing your finances in aggregate. It reveals both strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to make informed decisions for your business.

Exploring Further Resources

For advanced planning and forecasting, consider exploring Numbers Know How, our sister company, which offers powerful software and a supportive community.


By adopting project tracking by categories, you’ll uncover hidden opportunities, address inefficiencies, and enhance profitability in your business. Share this valuable information with others who can benefit and explore additional resources in the show notes. Start subdividing your business into categories today and witness the transformation in your financial management. Until next time, think strategically about your business categories and watch your success soar.

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