Have you ever heard of the matching concept in accounting? You’re not the only one if you haven’t!

Firstly, let me start by saying that it falls within the accounting basics. And now for the definition:

The matching concept in accounting is fundamental in accrual accounting, which dictates recording expenses in the same period as the revenues they help to generate. This concept also ensures financial statements accurately reflect the company’s financial performance by matching expenses with related revenues.

If all this accounting jargon scares you, read on – or shall I say watch? Because further down, you’ll see a video in which I use “real” words and examples to make it all very clear.

Understanding the matching concept in accounting

Every business owner like you needs to understand the matching concept. When you do, you’ll be confident in making decisions. How does that translate your every day business life? Click on the video below to watch it because you’ll learn more about:

  • The importance of the matching concept in accounting,
  • Its usage in practice,
  • Revenue recognition, 
  • Examples so you better understand it, and so much more.



In summary, the matching concept in accounting is important for accurate and honest financial reporting. Also, this practice not only ensures consistency in financial statements but also aids in better financial planning and decision-making.

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