Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to understanding how Taxes and financial planning fit.  Moreover, how how impact your financial planning? Do you find yourself asking questions like, “How do I forecast for and build tax into my business financial plan?” If so, then this I Hate Numbers video is for you! Tax considerations play a major role in determining the long-term success of any business. In this video, I will look outline the key considerations for building tax into your financial forecasts.  This makes sure your business remains financially sound and successful.

Taxes are an unavoidable cost, just like any other cost or expense associated with your business. As part of your financial forecasting process, consider the direct costs associated with taxes, and the opportunities for tax relief.

I’ll provide an overview of the different types of taxes applicable to businesses. These include income tax, vat and sales tax, duties, employment taxes (such as payroll and unemployment taxes), and more.

Knowing which types of taxes apply to your business is essential to maximising profitability while staying compliant with all relevant local, and national regulations.

So, if you want a good guide on building tax into your business financial plans and forecasts then watch this I Hate Numbers video!

Conclusion and next steps

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