Are you looking to make a difference while maximising your financial benefits? Tax effective giving is more than just a charitable act; it’s a smart way to give back that can offer significant financial advantages. With tax effective giving, you can experience the joy of giving while also enjoying tangible benefits for yourself.

So, watch the video to see how you can implement it for yourself.

1. Payroll giving – the easiest tax effective giving option

A simple method of helping charity organisations is through payroll deductions. With payroll giving, you can donate before tax is deducted, giving immediate tax relief on your donations.

2. Inheritance tax and donating assets

An inheritance tax is a charge placed on a person’s estate upon death. All of the person’s possessions, savings, investments, and any other assets they may have will be included in their estate. Donating assets to charity can be a savvy move to lower the tax burden on your estate. Talk about tax effective giving!

3. Donating property to charity

Considering donating or selling land? Complicated as it may be, it is a rewarding way to support a cause you care about while potentially receiving tax benefits in return.

Common mistakes to avoid with tax effective giving

To make the most of tax effective giving, it’s essential to steer clear of common pitfalls. You should avoid common mistakes such as poor planning, a lack of documentation, and not seeking professional advice. These missteps can greatly impact the effectiveness of your charitable giving strategy.


Tax effective giving offers a great opportunity to support charitable causes and as well as optimise your tax situation. This will ensure your efforts have a lasting, meaningful effect on others and create a brighter future. 

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