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In this video, I am going to be talking about

  • National Insurance specifically, what it is
  • The rationale behind why you pay it
  • Also, I add some numbers on how much people are paying in NI contributions
  • The payers of NI
  • Finally, I will comment on the proposed increase in contributions that’s going to kick in in April 2022.

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National Insurance Rates

Below are the headline rates for NI, a summary shows you the big picture.  Click here to dive deeper, make your head spin with all the different rates, percentages, allowances.

Self Employed
Main rate, followed by rate over threshold
Main rate, followed by rate over threshold
One main rate over threshold
NIC % rate 21-229%, then 2% over threshold level 12%, then 2% over threshold level 13.8%, no upper limit
Earnings threshold 21-22 and 22-23Rate 1 £9,568-£50,270Rate 1 £9,568-£50,270£8,840 +
NIC % rate 22-2310.25%, then 3.25% over threshold level 13.25%, then 3.25% over threshold level 15.05%, no upper limit


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