Making your cashflow forecast is the most important financial and business task you can do in your business.

Running a business is hard. But there’s one thing that will always derail your dreams, scupper your business, and have it collapsing around you – running out of cash.

Above all, whatever the size, shape, or type of your business, you must have a forecast. This week my I Hate Numbers podcast helps you build yours so that you can make sure that never happens again!

I’ll show you that by Making your cashflow forecast you’ll be able to see exactly where your money is coming from and going to at any given time – which means no more surprises when it comes time for payroll or rent! And if something does go wrong? No worries! You’ve got this now.

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Do you want to know how to forecast your cashflow?

Making a cashflow forecast is the process of predicting what will happen with your company’s finances. It involves translating your business story into activity and then turning that activity into a financial plan.

You need a plan so that when challenges come up, you are prepared and ready to face them head on. A good way to start this journey is by making a cash flow forecast today!  All you need is your business story and then you can start.

The steps you need to go through to make that forecast a reality. are your business story translating that business story, into what that means in terms of activity and getting out your business Lego bricks. to turn that activity into your financials. If you want a visual representation folks, then check out this video on my I Hate Numbers You Tube channel,.


Above all, you need to know that Making your cashflow forecast is the key to your financial liberation, wellbeing and control.  This week’s podcast tells you this, plus calculations, tips, and advice.

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My mission is to inform, inspire and educate you to get closer to your numbers. You can make more profits, save tax and time, improve your wellbeing and your money mindset.

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