Lessons from businesses booming in Covid-19 is the topic of our blog today.

So, you’ve heard it been said a thousand times, but these really are unprecedented times. Businesses are going bust, organisations are requiring support, workers are being furloughed, and the economy is shrinking. These are bad times for everyone – right? Wrong. There are some businesses and industries that are actually doing well during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are a few examples, and the Lessons from businesses booming in Covid-19.

Fitness instructors

Gyms might be closed, but as a nation we’ve never taken our health more seriously. Smart fitness instructors are taking their classes online, live streaming into living rooms across the country. Whereas they might have only had a handful of people turn up in person, they can reach many more, sometimes up to a hundred, when running them online. Can you actually reach more people in lockdown than ever before?

Remote working software

Are you Zoom called out yet? The video-conferencing company has seen user numbers and its share price soar, up 40% since February. The demand for Slack has increased, with the messenger platform now boasting 12 million users, and Microsoft Teams is on 13 million. Whilst we’re not suggesting you set up a platform to rival these big boys (although why not, aim high), do consider if there’s a way that your business can support the new normal of remote working.


March 2020 saw the biggest ever grocery sales. All of the big supermarkets are taking on extra workers to cope with the demand, and they’re now being hailed as heroes for putting themselves in the frontline to keep the shelves stocked and our cupboards full. Is it time to rethink what we consider important work? How can you make yourself indispensable?

Subscription boxes

Whether its gin, beauty, snacks, socks, or books, subscription boxes are having a ball right now. We can’t get out to shop, so the goods are coming to us. Gousto, one of the main food preparation boxes, is seeing treble its usual web traffic whilst Mindful Chef has reported a 452% increase in sales since the coronavirus outbreak. Most of the subscriptions operate with an element of surprise, so the recipient feels like they’re getting a nice present, boosting the feel good factor. What parcels and packages can you pull together to reach your customers?

Education online

With children being home-schooled, and people wanting to keep their skills up even when they are out of the office, online tutors end educational videos are booming. Can you offer a webinar to your audience so that they can learn something new, as a hook to encourage them to work with your business in the future?

These are difficult times. But there are opportunities to make money during Covid-19. Lessons from businesses booming in Covid-19 are there to take away.

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