How to choose your accountant is really important and something that ideally you need to take time looking into.

Accountants don’t just punch numbers into a calculator there’s so much more to it than that. It may seem a bit daunting choosing your accountant, but in this blog we will show you it doesn’t have to be.

Contrary to what you may think, not all accountants are the same and some will be more effective than others.

Tips to help you choose your accountant

Firstly, think about what services you need from an accountant. Such as Tax advice, bookkeeping.

Secondly, do you want a local service or is this not an issue? These days with so much technology at your fingertips some prefer the virtual world- such as Zoom meetings instead of face to face. It really is down to personal choice.

Furthermore do you want a qualified accountant, or not ? Now there’s a question!  Exam passes with no experience is worst than relevant experience with no professional exams passed, qualified with experience is the best combo.

Local or not?

Do you want to be able to visit your accountant in person?  If the answer to this is yes you need to think about locality. Lots of people have meetings with their accountant on the phone or online. However, for those who may not be computer savvy or want a more traditional approach a local accountant may be a top priority.

Make a shortlist of accountants you like the look of

Create a list of about 5 to 6 accountants you would consider

Ask friends and family if they can recommend any. Look at listings on Google etc and more importantly read the reviews. Which ones catch your eye? Which ones look appealing and stand out? All good accountants should be operating to codes of conduct that will ensure you are dealt with professionally.

Do your research

Now find out more about the firms on your shortlist. Look at their websites. There may be information about the company, staff, range of services and perhaps some comments from customers. You should now be able to narrow down your list to two or three accountants that you may wish to use.

Tell them what you need

A good accountant will want to have an understanding of your circumstances and what you need from them. You will all have certain requirements and a good accountant will tailor their services to deal with them

Ask questions

Ask what they need from you and how long they anticipate a job to take. You’ll need to have an idea of approximate costs of their services. Reputable accountants will be transparent with no nasty surprises when they send you the bill. They may offer bundle packages if they are taking care of several things for you- such as final accounts, payroll, submitting Vat returns etc.

Time to choose

So you’ve met/spoke to accountants, discussed their fees, found out what they will do for you and know what they will charge. There’s also the fact that “people buy people” and you’ll almost certainly like some individuals better than others. Some of the more traditional suit wearing accountants may not be your bag- they’re not for everyone. You may prefer the accountant that spoke to you jargon free and maybe even wore a pair of jeans- ooh la la!. So now It’s time to make your choice based on all you have seen and heard.

Your relationship with your accountant begins

 Now that you have chosen which accountants to instruct, call them up and let them know the good news. They will then start the process of putting your numbers together.

Final tip- what happens now?

Think of you and your accountant as being on the same team. Your accountant will help you save money, thrive and grow and your working relationship will go from strength to strength.

In conclusion you will benefit from signing up with an accountant who you can relate to and who you have faith in. You need to check their credentials also to make sure they ae legit. Believe it or not but some people call themselves “accountants” when they may not actually be a qualified accountant.

Remember you will be putting your business in their hands and entrusting that they do a good job on your behalf.

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