Planning and budgeting for your tax return is something we highly recommend to all our clients. Firstly, it brings a feeling of safety. Then it also lessens your anxiety as a business owner and allows for clarity in decision-making. But if you’re not sure how to approach tax planning for your business in 2024, read on – we’re covering the basics in this blog (and video too).

How to approach tax planning – where to start

In this week’s I Hate Numbers video, I explore how to approach tax planning. That is if you don’t want to be hit by nasty surprises at the end of the fiscal year.

Here’s what I cover:

Understanding Your Current Situation: Ah, the cornerstone of any good plan – knowing where you stand. Having a clear understanding of your company’s and your personal objectives is a must.

Tax Relief: A beacon of hope for those burdened by the weight of their tax obligations. So, look into what tax relief options apply to your business.

Seeking Professional Help: Just as every hero needs a mentor, every taxpayer requires the guidance of a seasoned professional who knows how to approach tax planning. And, you can hear more about the importance of having the tax expertise of a professional at your disposal in the video.

Tax Compliance: Always be on time! So, make filing your tax return part of your Q4 activities!

Therefore, if you want to get more information on these, watch my short video on how to approach tax planning for your business in 2024 below.


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