How do you describe your business in the business world? In this week’s episode of the “I Hate Numbers” podcast, we tackle a topic often overlooked but with significant implications. You might wonder, “What’s in the name?” Well, it turns out, quite a lot. Traditionally, we classify ourselves as freelancers, self-employed individuals, charities, private businesses, or voluntary organizations. This categorization profoundly influences self-perception, framing of interactions, and external perceptions of our value.

Identity in Business

Rethinking Definitions: Contrary to popular belief, being a business isn’t solely about size or structure. It’s about the impact we make, the services we provide, and the risks we undertake. Size isn’t the defining characteristic; it’s the actions and engagements that matter. However, challenging misconceptions is necessary. Some believe that only large entities with extensive staff and resources deserve the title of “business.” We disagree. Any entity that provides goods or services, takes risks, and contributes to the economy is a business, regardless of size or structure.

Embracing Diversity

It’s time to broaden our definition of business to include freelancers, charities, voluntary organizations, and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Recognizing and appreciating the diverse contributions of various entities is crucial for a thriving society and economy. Incorporating Business Discipline: Embracing business disciplines like planning, budgeting, and risk management across all organizations is essential. Framing ourselves as businesses facilitates audience engagement by focusing on impact rather than structure.


In conclusion, how we describe ourselves in business contexts matters. Emphasizing the impact we make rather than our organizational structure can lead to better recognition and engagement. So, how do you describe your business? Let’s rethink our approach and reclaim the term “business” for all entities, irrespective of size or structure. We encourage your feedback and discussion on this topic. Share your thoughts with us!