Change your Money Mindset if you want to handle your finances better.

If you have a negative money mindset, you’ll feel like you never have enough money and won’t make sure you save money for future goals. You’ll have a scarcity mindset, leave yourself in debt and be unable to think of your financial future.

No matter what your money mindset is right now, you can change it for the better. If you find you don’t handle money well, don’t save money, or just don’t know how to budget, here are five ways to change your money mindset.

  • Firstly, Confront your fears
  • Secondly, Set goals
  • Thirdly, Know your crowd
  • Fourthly, Be grateful
  • Lastly, Stay True

Confront your fears

We all have fears when it comes to money. Ignoring them doesn’t help anything though. Instead, you need to sit with them and get comfortable with them. When you recognize your fears, you can find ways to push through them.

If you let fear run your life, you won’t make good financial decisions or any decisions because you’ll feel stuck in your tracks. Instead, acknowledge anything you’re afraid of with money and take baby steps to overcome the fears.

Set goals

You can’t achieve financial goals if you don’t set them. No matter what you think about money and how you handle it, set financial goals. The rest will fall into place, you just have to trust the process.

You can’t budget or save if you don’t know why you’re budgeting or saving. Write down your goals, both short-term and long-term. Make sure they are SMART goals. For example, don’t just say ‘I want to save money.’ Instead, say ‘I want to save $X by this date.’ This gives you a deadline and a purpose to help transform how you think about money.

Know your crowd

You are who you surround yourself with so it’s important to spend time with people that have the same money goals as you.

If you spend your time around people that complain about being broke and live a scarcity lifestyle, you’ll start doing the same. Instead, surround yourself with people that have the same beliefs about money that you do.

Be grateful

We’re all programmed to focus on the negative things in our lives, but what about the positives? If you look for the positives you’ll find them, just like if you look for the negatives, you’ll find them.

Take, for example, your debt. You might look at it and think ‘I’m such a loser, I have $5,000 in credit card debt and I’ll never get out of it’ or you could look at it and say, ‘I’ve knocked my debt down from $7,000 to $5,000, if I keep going, I’ll be out of debt before I know it.’

This is the difference between focusing on the negative and looking for the positive. Focusing on the good you’ve done transforms how you look at money and what you are capable of doing.

Stay true

The only person you should compare yourself to is you. Don’t try to compete with anyone else or keep up with the Joneses. Set your own financial goals and find ways to achieve them. It doesn’t matter if your goals come short of your neighbor’s or if it’s wildly different than your siblings’ goals.

You do what’s right for you and find ways to make your goals happen. But don’t let other people’s successes or failures change how you think about yourself. For example, if your neighbor buys a BMW, don’t let yourself feel less than because you drive a Toyota. Each person should do what feels right to them and helps them achieve their financial goals. You never know what type of debt your neighbor put himself in to buy that BMW.


If you’re ready to supercharge your personal finances, it’s time to look at your money mindset. What do you think about money? Is it good or bad?

Once you realize what you think about money you can start changing your beliefs. Slowly you’ll get yourself back to where you want to be, budgeting, saving, and reaching your financial goals. But it all starts with the way you think about money and not how much money you have. When you start thinking about it the other way, you’ll begin to see changes.

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