Here’s our 5 tips to finding the best Cloud package.

Finding the best Cloud package

Firstly, Cloud online accounting is something you and your business need to welcome in this growing digital age. Above all it will help you achieve so much more in your business and life.

Businesses need good systems to help ease the load, so moving over to cloud packages will help streamline the process.

Once you decide to move your business to “The Cloud” you’ll want to know how to choose the best one, right?

So here at Pro Active we’ve listed Five Tips to finding the best Cloud Package for your business.

Research different Cloud packages

When buying anything, it’s always a good idea to see what’s available, and if it’s for you. Look at what packages are around. Ask your accountant what their preference is etc

You could also ask your business networks what they use/prefer

The point is-look around and don’t sign up to the first package that you see.

Best Cloud package for you

This is where you need sit down and list what you want a cloud package to do for you. For example, you may need to record your spending transactions. Similarly, you may want a more robust invoice system. Do you want it to record receipts, keep track of your profit? These are just a few aspects to think about. Take out some of the tedium in your business and sign up to a cloud package soon

What do you need Cloud to do? 

Do you need it to talk to other apps and parts of your business, like your website for example? Or your phone?

See if the features provided are what your business needs. Such as recording your cashflow, breaking down expenses, keeping check on monies owed. You decide what will work best for you and go for it!

User friendly

Get a short list together of the packages you like the look of. Then look at how easy they are to use- you can do this by looking at online reviews etc.


There are numerous cloud packages out there, with different price tags. These vary from inexpensive to the other end of the scale. Decide what works best for your budget. So do your research.


Feel the beauty of using a cloud package.

In summary, whatever your businesses type and size, consider using The Cloud. It really is the way to make your business run more smoothly.

Our preference, based on client experience, power and use is Xero.  Read our free comprehensive guide to find out more

Contact us if you’d like to discuss setting up your chosen cloud package. For more business and finance , news, advice and tips, don’t forget to watch our weekly broadcasts, listen to our weekly podcast I Hate Numbers.

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