Employee motivation is highly important for the productivity and growth of any organisation.  As a result employees who are motivated by managers show good efforts, get involved in critical processes and on the whole remain loyal to the organisation. Therefore employers should not overlook the power of motivation and should constantly try to boost the morale of their employees.

Employers can help motive their staff and in return hopefully see quality performance and commitment from them.

Employee motivation:

Recognising the efforts of the employees is an important factor of motivation. Positive recognition and sincere appreciation of employees’ work can help to raise their self-esteem and confidence. Subsequently and most importantly it helps encourage them to improve their performance.

Rewards for employee motivation

With recognition, verbal appreciation or materialistic rewards, a positive impact can be created on the employees. Just saying “Thank You” for good work (one to one, through a note, or both), can go a long way in motivating the employees.   Along with appreciation, it is important to offer creative or work related rewards to your staff. These are all positive incentives for your staff.


Praise the achievement of your employees in public or at the staff meeting or mention their name in the company’s newsletter. Public acknowledgement raises the morale of the individual and is motivational to other staff members.

Allow healthy communication

Employers should listen to and talk to your staff. For example let the door of communication be open from your end. This will make the employees feel comfortable while they are communicating with you..

Offer clear direction

Furthermore inform your staff about the ways in which the company makes its profits (or losses), the new product or strategies to be launched, and how they can help the company to profit.

Involve staff

Likewise allow your employees to participate in making decision, especially those which can benefit them and also the company.

Healthy work environment

In the same vein ensure that as an employer you create a work environment which makes the employees feel happy about the place they are working. From wall colour to furniture to surroundings, all should be pleasing and attractive.  Also the work place should allow open communication with other staff members.

Stress management programmes

Constant work pressure can evoke stress within the employees. To reduce their stress level, it is good to have in-house meetings and programmes and where appropriate one to one sessions. Stress management techniques can also be offered. There should be reference materials like books and articles related to the issue available to staff.

Away days

Team days- where staff are taken away from the immediate work environment during working hours. Where everyone is encouraged to brain storm and discuss work issues  etc. Moreover this is an opportunity for staff to break away from the hectic work schedule and immediate working environment.  Employers could buy staff lunch and a glass of wine for example, therefore helping them to feel appreciated and helping them to stay motivated. Similarly meals out at Christmas and other festive/special events are a great way for staff to let their hair down and relax and enjoy themselves. If your business is going well and you don’t have hundreds of staff working for you it’s nice to pay for these events. Staff will appreciate this and it will help them feel a valued member of the organisation. Remember everyone likes a treat!

Growth and development

In conclusion give opportunities for your staff to grow and develop new skills. Likewise show them how they can set themselves realistic goals and describe effective ways for them to achieve these goals

Here at Pro Active Resolutions we understand that employee motivation can be a key to quality customer service and innovative production. We recognise our employees’ strengths (weaknesses) and qualities and praise them accordingly.

We let employees know that their contribution is important to the success of our organisation.

Remember:  Motivated staff can help your company grow so everyone can reap the benefits.

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