In business, it’s essential to make decisions quickly and efficiently. However, Decision making when things are calm is not the same as Decision making under uncertainty.

In this video, I go through the the steps you need to take to make rational decisions when everything is going crazy around you.

Firstly, stay calm, or become calmer
Secondly, look at your situation, current and future
Thirdly, get closer to your best friend in business, your numbers
Fourthly, put together and use your Financial-Cash flow Plan
Lastly, don’t be like a rabbit in the headlights, that won’t help


So, how do you make rational decisions when your buttocks tighten and the fan is being hit ? How do you keep your head on straight and navigate a path to success when everything around you feels uncertain? It can be tough, but it’s not impossible. In this video, I’ve outlined some tips for staying rational and keeping your focus during chaotic times.

Watch to find out more about how to frame your thinking and do Decision making under uncertainty.  Stay sanguine and sane during turbulent business waters.

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