Debunking the Myth about Budgeting

It’s a common misconception that a budget restricts one’s freedom. Quite the contrary. It’s actually a very important stepping stone towards reaching your financial and business objectives. Highly recommended: create a budget for business because it will serve as a framework and a story you create for your future. 

In this week’s vlog, I explore the different components that are not to be missed if you want to create a budget for your business.

Create a Budget for Business: Where to Start?

Firstly, you need to understand the business model you have and where the income will come from. For a theatre, for example, it would be from grants, donations, ticket sales, and merchandise. 

Also, consider various costs. If you’re producing a show, you’d be looking at artistic costs, ticketing costs, and venue and studio hire for rehearsals. These costs are essential to the success of the show. Hence factoring them into the budget is a must. Additionally, go over costs related to owning a space, script writing, and rehearsals.

Last but not least, consider your client groups and audiences to create a budget for business. By identifying target demographics and customer segments, you can tailor your activities and offerings to serve your audience better. This is where support costs come in. Hiring front-of-house staff, HR, marketing, IT, and finance professionals is necessary for a smooth day-to-day operation. And also for catering to your client base needs. So, make sure you’ve included them in the budget as well.

Help with Budgeting

A financial planning tool can make a world of difference. Our Cash Flow Planning Software lets you input forecasts and also generate metrics. It can also be integrated with a digital platform like Xero for easier monitoring and review of the budget.

Create a Budget for Business – Conclusion

Budgeting is not a restrictive measure – it’s rather a necessary tool for success. It allows individuals and organisations to navigate their financial journey, make strategic decisions, and work towards their goals. Various factors (income sources, expenses, and target audience) will influence what your budget looks like. So make sure you take all of them into consideration to create a budget for business and thrive.

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