Firstly Cloud accounting really is the way forward when keeping track of money & bills for your business.

Furthermore, all businesses, private, not for profit or sole traders, need remedies and strategies to survive, sustain and grow. Most importantly as a business you really do need to understand how your numbers work.

So learn how to become friends with your business numbers  and see your business flourish.

Here at Pro Active our clients use a variety of online and cloud packages.  The most popular package is called Xero so this is the one we will refer to in today’s blog.

What cloud accounting can do for your business

To clarify, Cloud accounting lets you capture information of what’s going on in your business. Also you’ll be able to see your profits, where you spend your money etc. There are lots of packages out there- of which Xero is one of.


Arguably the leading cloud accounting solution, Xero is used by small to medium size businesses social enterprises etc.

Benefits of using cloud based packages like Xero

  • Easily record your business numbers
  • Send invoices
  • Tax authorities, sending in VAT and Tax returns
  • Keep track on payments
  • Reconcile your bank transactions.
  • There are  lots more great features with this system to all help your business run more efficiently.
Cloud Accounting helps
  • Better productivity and efficiency gains.
  • No more tedious data entry
  • Live financial information at your fingertips
  • Mobile app for on-the-go
  • Pay monthly, making the investment in software more manageable
  • Security of your financial information
  • A range of third-party apps connecting to Xero.

In other words Xero, will help ease your business worries. Likewise it will help free up your time and allow you to spend more quality time with your customers. Similarly it will free some of your time to focus on what you do best i.e. running your business. So if you want your business to work smarter and faster, switch to Xero . Working in the cloud gives you a better overview of your finances.  Likewise it increases control with up-to-date financial information.


In conclusion, proper record keeping is important. Therefore if you do it properly your business is likely to be more sustainable. The power and capability of Cloud accounting can be used for any business. Xero can be tailored to suit your own business needs.

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