Working together with others on your business is good for your well being, growth and bottom line. Don’t forget that making money separates a hobby from a business.

In this week’s episode of ‘l Hate Numbers’ I share four reasons why you should work with others. This episode was inspired from building and launching our Business Growth Club. I used the word our, because it’s me and my friend and colleague Dr Joe North who went from idea to launch on this.

TLAF sums this up. TLAF, love a mnemonic, don’t you, stands for






Many businesses work on their Business Growth in isolation. You staff team, whatever their motivation and talent will not be invested in your business as you are. To be fair, you should not expect them to, it’s not their business, they do not have the financial equity or ownership.

Work with others who have a similar mindset to yourself. Communication, collaboration, bouncing around ideas are great ways to learn and grow.


If you think that you know everything in business, that there’s nothing more to learn, then you are wrong. Everybody has experiences to share. Everybody can learn from the successes and mistakes of others. And this all helps us and helps you in your own business development,


Having the right people in your support network gives you a group of accountability coaches and friends. Once you’ve committed to something, you’ve told somebody you’re going to do it, you’re under a bit of pressure, you’re committed, but it’s powerful to have a bunch of people who are in a similar situation to yourself, making you accountable.

They will encourage you., keep you on track, and ask you questions. It may sound like being in school where you are expected to hand in your homework. But it’s all there done in terms of making you move your business, going forward. Accountability also makes you more responsible.


Having a regular catch up with your group reminds of what your commitments are. You are reminded of what your tasks are, what you must do. This frequency of meeting up is a great opportunity to reflect on where your progress is taking you. How you are doing against the objectives you’ve set yourself. Make small adjustments if you need to.

Business owners work in isolation. Working together on your business includes catching up with your peers. Check out how others are doing, checking your progress and their progress. Once a week, typically is enough to keep you on track. It is not overwhelming. It’s not over time consuming and therefore your time commitment is not stretched.

What Next

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In This Episode

  • Understanding why working with others is good for your business
  • Knowing the benefits of continual learning
  • Why accountability is a positive thing for you and your business
  • Developing your own Numbers confidence and decisions
  • Take more control of your numbers to help make you money, survive and thrive