Why should you get your tax return in early?

This week I Hate Numbers podcast is about Why you should get your tax return in early?

Firstly, I am going to share with you the reasons as to why it is beneficial for you to send your tax return in earlier than the deadline. Secondly, I am going to share some tools and resources. Furthermore, a chance to win 50 pounds either in cash or Amazon vouchers. More of that later in the podcast.

There are many reasons why you should send your tax return in early. You may be thinking, well, that is several months ahead, I have got nothing to worry about. I will just wait and deal with it as I normally do with the many millions of taxpayers and do that in the last month or so before tax return deadline comes in. I’m going to say at the outset. That is not a good approach.

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What information do you need for your tax return?

An obstacle to starting your tax return is what do I need to get hold off? Let me share with you a resource that we share with our clients. It is available on the website, there’s a link in the show notes about the information that you typically need for your personal tax return, going from what you need if you’re self-employed, if you’re renting property.

What can you claim for your tax return?

Calculating how much tax you owe

Furthermore, if you want to have a decent estimate of what your tax is going to be then check my website calculators. There is a bunch of business and tax calculators waiting for you.  Covering PAYE, break even, company and personal tax, and a whole lot more.

What is your money mindset?

I am fascinated by people’s attitudes to money. Moreover, I take a special interest in how it affects you in your business. I am carrying out a research project on people’s attitudes behind money. I would love you to share a minute or two of your time to take part and answer the survey. Now, not only will you contribute to finding more about why we have these attitudes, what we can do to improve them, but ÂŁ50 is up for grabs.

What next

I hope you get some value from this podcast on Why should you get your tax return in early? Above all, you are not on your own! Contact us to see how we can help? Our news section, FREE online calculators is there for you. Just click here now to get started!

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