Self-employed and want to know more about the fifth Self-Employment grant?

Most importantly, the fifth Self-Employment grant differs from previous grants. There’s an extra turnover test to see how much you can claim. This podcast looks at this, grant eligibility, what you must do.  In addition, I will share examples and tips. Above all, your claim is based on your reasonable judgement, evidence, and judgement.

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Who can claim the fifth Self-Employment grant ?

This fifth Self Employment Grant is for those affected by the coronavirus outbreak.  The grant will cover the period May 2021 to September 2021.

No government announcements have been made for additional financial support for the self-employed beyond September 2021.

In today’s podcast, I am going to be looking at how the fifth self-employed grant differs, compared to previous grants.  Furthermore I look at eligibility criteria, and evidence.  Lastly, I will be looking at how much the grant is worth, and possible HMRC follow up action.

How is the claim made for the fifth Self-Employment grant ?

Firstly, HMRC will make the initial assessments as to whether you are eligible to apply.  They should you to to confirm whether you can make the application.

Initial eligibility, for example whether you are self-employed, level of your trading profits, and filing your tax return HMRC will know that.  No change compared to previous claims, check out those details.

You don’t need to provide any financial data because HMRC have that on file, you’ve got to make a declaration that you intend to continue to trade, you’ve got a reasonable belief that there’s going to be a significant reduction in your trading profits because of reduced business activity.  The key thing is the link and connection between Coronavirus and your business between May and September 2021.

But make sure you have the evidence to back that up. More of that in the podcast.

What next

Above all, do you want to know more about the fifth Self-Employment grant?  You can get it if you meet all these conditions.   This podcast will tell you what you need to know about eligibility, the pitfalls, examples and tips.  Your  claim is based on your reasonable judgement, evidence, and judgement.  What does this mean?

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