Today’s blog is about how to achieve calm amid the business storm.  The business storm is due to the current Covid 19 situation, it could be something else.

Firstly although it’s worrying uncertain times at the moment,  however like with all bad situations there will be an end point.

In this blog we’re going to help you stay grounded and hopefully alleviate some of your worries. And tell you how to stay calm amid the business storm

From a business perspective it’s really crucial to have some moments of calm in your life as this will in turn help you make the right decisions about what to do next.

The mind is a powerful tool.

So although terms such as : mindfulness, meditation, & “stay in the moment” may sound a bit “Hippy Chic to some of you it really is the way to go in all areas of everyday life.

The current climate is hard for everyone and not knowing how you are going to survive adds to these already stressful times. So look at your financial situation and work out what you need to survive for the next few months.

We’ve advised in recent blogs what help’s out there- and how to access it. But apart from that you need to look after your mental well-being. This is the key to helping you stay positive.

Getting stressed is not good- so look at ways to help reduce it. As a result a more relaxed state of mind has a positive effect on us. We are able to make better decisions and it gives us clarity of mind.

Speak to friends, family or join groups on social media platforms if you’re struggling. There are lots of things to help you stay calm- such as meditation apps, You tube yoga sessions etc.

Once you are able to focus the mind you will see how this benefits other areas of your life. We know because we practice it ourselves and reap the benefits from it.

If you decide to give one of these practices a go remember with all new things you need to take the first steps slowly. Try it you may be pleasantly surprised. However if this is not for you- you can always pick up the phone and call a friend for a chat.

Whatever works for you make sure you find time to find your calm amid the business storm.


You need some degree of inner calm and tranquility, try and stay focused and sanguine.

Look ahead, call upon your friend that you can always rely in times of turbulence, calm, and prosperity and that’s your numbers.

Calm and purpose makes for better health, and decision making .

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