So, it’s the end of another year- albeit a very strange one to say the least. With this in mind what are your business resolutions for 2021?

What most of us do at the end of the year, is reflect and review that year.

The whole of the U.K. will probably be glad to see the back of 2020- for obvious reasons. There’s been the ups and downs of COVID , there’s been Brexit, and that’s only a few days away. So it’s been a pretty crap year for many, and it’s been a positive for others. The pandemic has been and continues to be a challenge for most of us. However, believe it or not some good things have come out of it. It’s been amazing to see folks fortitude and resilience from day one of lockdown. What brilliant, British resilience has been demonstrated. People had more changes going by the minute to date, but coped very well.

For anyone who lives or works in Leicester it’s been particularly tough. We’ve been in lockdown since the start of the pandemic. But we’re looking forward to 2021, and are hopeful that things are will turn the corner.

Business owners will need to look at what they will do the same next year and what they will be changing. This is where the good old business plan comes into effect.

Business planning is a great way to help run your business. It helps keep you on a specific course or alerts you to situations when things are not going to plan and force you to take action.

Business resolutions for 2021

How many of us can actually say we know what we are going to wear tomorrow; or know what you’re having  for dinner next week? Probably very few. Part of our human make-up is we are naturally impulsive. Challenge your impulse and Plan!

No business is perfect but planning ensures you are prepared for problems that may come your way. Whether it is a small scale or large scale problem, it can be resolved with a business plan.

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Happy 2021 to everyone- especially Leicester!

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