Understanding the different types of business costs is crucial for effective financial management. Because your profit will depend on the types of costs that prevail in your business. This blog looks at the relationship between the types of costs in your business and the profit you make.

Types of business costs

Two primary categories of costs are variable costs and fixed costs.

Variable costs, as the name suggests, vary in direct proportion to the level of production or sales. These expenses fluctuate depending on factors such as raw material prices, labour costs, and utilities. Examples include materials used in manufacturing, hourly wages for production staff, and shipping fees.

On the other hand, fixed costs remain constant regardless of production or sales levels. These expenses are incurred regardless of business activity and typically include rent or mortgage payments, insurance premiums, salaries of permanent employees, and equipment lease payments.

Jargon demystifier: operational gearing

Operational gearing is another aspect related to business costs worth considering. It refers to the relationship between fixed and variable costs within a company’s cost structure. A high operational gearing indicates that a larger portion of total costs consists of fixed expenses.
To help businesses calculate their various types of costs accurately and plan their financial strategies accordingly, free online calculators can be incredibly beneficial. Our operational gearing calculator provides an efficient way to estimate variable and fixed expenditures based on specific inputs tailored to your company’s unique circumstances.

Types of business costs and your profit – video

Watch this video to understand the relationship between the types of costs in your business and your profit. There’s also and explanation of how to use the online calculator.


By understanding the different categories of business expenses – variable versus fixed – and utilsing resources like online calculators where necessary, you can make informed decisions when it comes to budgeting and optimising your operational efficiency.

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