There is  a lot to be said for Artists and Businesses working together

Today’s topic is about artists and businesses working together.  Let me share three tips about how to get the best out of that working relationship

Artists working with business doesn’t seem like a particularly good match.  However, artists and businesses have a lot more in common, more than you may expect.  As a point of order, by businesses I’m talking private commercial companies.  Listen in to find out more

Inspiration for this podcast

My inspiration for this podcast is being involved as a sponsor and a judge for the Emcees awards.  I see it firsthand, the positive relationships that are built for businesses in terms of branding.  Businesses get closer to their customers in terms of wider engagement.  Artists actually help solve problems.

Tip number one

Firstly, banish preconceptions, on both sides.  Go into this with an open mind, but don’t leave your brains behind. Don’t abandon due diligence and your business brain.

Tip number two

Secondly, set objectives from the outset. So both parties know when they’re winning. When you set objectives and goals you know, where you want to get to.  Artists and private commercial businesses need to clearly define the aims and outcomes, the expectations of working together.

Having that clarity, having clear expectations from the beginning will enable you to keep track toward your success.

Tip number three

Thirdly, monitor.  Monitor what you’re doing. Monitor for success, for both parties. Once you define the nature of your relationship, your objectives and goals, make sure that you measure progress.  It’s great for accountability, measuring progress so you actually know you’re going on the right path.

And in most things in business relationships, it’s about solving somebody’s problem, about solving somebody’s pain.

What next

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In this episode

  • Understanding why preconceptions aren’t good for your business
  • Knowing the benefits of setting objectives and goals
  • Why monitoring your success is a positive thing for your working partnership
  • Developing your own Numbers confidence and decisions
  • Take more control of your numbers to help make you money, survive and thrive