Achieving your targets is this week’s I Hate Numbers podcast.  A target is a goal that has specific criteria for success.  Furthermore, reaching it means you have got where you wanted to, it’s pat on the back time.

Targets are an integral part of achieving your goals and objectives. Furthermore, they help your business progress.  Embrace the idea of targets, it is joyful,

Having a target gives you something tangible that you can strive towards, helping push the progress of your projects . As well as providing an end point, having a target also encourages ambition; by setting concrete goals, it motivates us to work harder towards reaching them.

Achieving your targets means breaking down each goal into smaller steps or milestones.  This has so many upsides,

  • Firstly, planning, management and control becomes easier
  • Secondly, it reinforces the fact that success is made up of small wins (and losses!)
  • Thirdly, your stress and anxiety reduces, who wouldn’t want that

Conclusion and good to know

The I Hate Numbers podcast isn’t just about target setting, financial storytelling, and financial performance though.  Other topics are covered, for example, cash flow management, budgeting, forecasting, tax, accounts, and more! Every episode provides actionable advice from me, Business Finance coach, accountant and educator who explains that stuff in an easy and no-nonsense way.

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