4 Business Myths You Must Ignore – Here’s Why4 Business Myths You Must Ignore – Here’s Why



In this week’s episode of the “I Hate Numbers” podcast, we tackle common business myths. These beliefs often mislead and hinder progress. We explore which beliefs to discard and why.

What is a Belief?

Firstly, let’s clarify what a belief is. According to Wikipedia, a belief is a subjective attitude that a proposition is true. Basically, this means beliefs can be either true or false. However, in business, myths masquerading as beliefs can be especially dangerous.

Myths in Business

Myth 1: Waiting for the Right Time

Many think they should wait for the right time to start a business or launch a product. Nevertheless, there is no perfect time. Instead, planning and adapting quickly is essential. Moreover, starting sooner allows us to gather real feedback and refine our approach, e.g., Microsoft’s iterative method demonstrates this well.

Myth 2: Passion Alone is Enough

Certainly, passion is crucial. Nonetheless, relying solely on passion can cloud judgment. Passion should be balanced with strategic planning and market awareness. Otherwise, poor decisions and misallocated resources can result. Additionally, successful businesses combine passion with facts and data.

Myth 3: Complete Knowledge is Necessary

There’s a common myth that complete knowledge is needed before starting. However, this isn’t practical. Correspondingly, learning as we go is vital. Moreover, accessing a support network and seeking advice can greatly aid our journey.

Myth 4: Doing Everything Yourself

Lastly, some believe they must do everything themselves to save money. Conversely, this can be inefficient. Outsourcing and delegating tasks to experts can often yield better results. Furthermore, it’s a wise use of time and resources to focus on our strengths.


In summary, challenging these myths can significantly enhance business success. Thus, we encourage you to reflect on these points. Are there any other myths you’ve encountered? Feel free to share them with us! Finally, don’t miss our next episode and remember to listen to the “I Hate Numbers” podcast. Check the Numbers Know How community for more insights and resources.