Building Your Business Growth Road Map is highly recommended in any business situation. This could for business growth, pivoting, or sustainability. William Hurley said this about ideas. Ideas are cheap, It is building them into profitable companies that is hard ideas. I like insects. Many are born, but few live to maturity.

In this week’s episode of ‘l Hate Numbers’ I talk about the why, the what and the how of building your own business growth map.

Why a Business Growth Road Map?

Your business road map, a plan under any other name is invaluable and gives you

  • Accountability
  • Plans minimise risk
  • They give you direction
  • Focus becomes a watchword
  • Easier to achieve your objectives

Don’t delude yourself into thinking that what’s in your head is good enough, not having a road map means that you’re forever chasing your tail.

What is in Your Business Road Map?

Your business road map converts your ideas into something more meaningful. The purpose is to get you to your end destination, the destination that you choose.

How do to build and use Your Business Road Map?

Brain dumps are the start part of the process. Imagine tipping out the ideas and thoughts in your brain, however chaotic, however unstructured. That is the start of the process, you can use that brain dump to generate content.

Your business road map includes several elements.

  • Your mission, your reasons for being
  • End destination, your Northern Star where you want to end up
  • Measures to monitor your progress
  • Customers: Doing a 360-degree audit of your client base
  • Your They can’t be, and shouldn’t be avoided
  • The vital ingredient to make your road map come to life and be achievable

You need perseverance and tenacity. There is going to be time just when it’s going to be quite lonely. It doesn’t feel to be working. And there’s going to be times of elation.

It is not easy achieving business growth. It’s like turning up at the gym and hoping those abs will just appear.

What Next

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In This Episode

  • Understanding why you need a Business Growth Road Map
  • Knowing what your Business Growth Road Map contains
  • How to build your Business Growth Road Map
  • Looking at Numbers and Leadership
  • Developing your own Numbers confidence and decisions
  • Take more control of your numbers to help make you money, survive and thrive


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