What are your VAT responsibilities when your business becomes VAT registered?  Do you know what they are when your business becomes VAT registered?

You take on responsibilities as an unpaid tax collector working for HMRC. If you do not comply with these responsibilities, then it’s likely you will be relegated to HMRC’s naughty step.  Above all fines and penalties are likely to follow.  We don’t want that !.

In this week’s podcast, we’ll cover basics of your VAT duties so you stay out of trouble!

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Are you confused about VAT?

In this week’s I hate numbers podcast, I am going to talk about

  • The different types of VAT supplies, for supplies think turnover
  • I will discuss the conditions that need to be met to claim back any VAT
  • Reverse charging, and I do not mean collect calls
  • Finally, I will cover how to complete a VAT return and when it should be submitted.

If you want a simple explanation of all things related to UK Value Added Tax (VAT), or business and finance then you are spoilt for choice! I have my weekly podcast, videos and blogs.


Moreover, if you want to understand your VAT responsibilities, avoid confusion and overwhelm , I am here to help.  In fact, many businesses find themselves in the same situation, wanting to know what their VAT responsibilities are, and how to avoid getting into VAT hot water!.  This podcast on An Introduction to what VAT is will help.

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