What are the risks of self employment?  Great question.  Risks and life go naturally together. It’s as natural as ham and pineapple pizza gin and tonics and cheese pickle sandwiches.  That’s no different when you enter the world of business and you start working for yourself and become, self-employed think of those risks as part of your route to self-employment.

In this podcast I will guide you through some of the main issues that you are likely to face. I’m going to discuss how to best prepare for them, knowing and dealing with those risks gives us a clear path to success.  Hi folks. My name is Mahmood. I am the podcast host of I hate numbers and my mission in life is to simplify the world of finance and numbers for business owners, help them make more time, help them save tax, make more profits and improve what goes on between their ears.

Self-employment versus employment

There are many benefits to going alone, there are also downsides.  Control, responsibility, destiny, and money are some of them.

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What are some of the other risks of working for yourself looked at in this podcast?

  • Uncertainty, risk, and your money attitude
  • Working capital, money fuel to run your business.
  • Mistakes, and what Edison’s take on it is
  • Pricing your products and services correctly
  • Tracking and understanding your money in and money out
  • Sales and marketing. It’s more than your website and a bunch of business cards.

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Moreover, do you want to know the answer to the question ‘What are the risks of self employment ?  This podcast tells you all you need to know, with tips, and advice

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Firstly, I love to help business owners connect with and understand their numbers.  Above all I want you to improve your attitude to money, make more profit, save tax and time.

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