Are you running a small business, social enterprise or arts organisation but aren’t sure if budgeting really matters? Well, it absolutely does! In this weeks I Hate Numbers podcast I discuss the importance of budgeting and show you why it should be an integral part of your plan for success.

Budgeting is essential for success and there are multiple reasons why.  It promotes smarter decision making, helps track progress plus so much more.

Fasten your seat belts SMEs – here comes 8 solid reasons why effective budgeting should be top of mind for any serious business!

It’s amazing how many small businesses, SMEs, and arts organisations – you know the ones, that are always just teetering on the edge of making it big or going bust.  They either don’t bother with budgeting or do it all wrong.  I get it: budgets can be complicated and a chore to set up… but there’s actually an incredibly simple reason why budgeting is so important for any business (yes, even yours!).  It doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact, if done right budgets can propel your organisation into productivity overdrive! So why exactly should you budget? Listen to this podcast on The importance of Budgeting and I’ll explain why.

Conclusion and good to know

The importance of budgeting can’t be stressed enough.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business, arts organisation, social enterprise or all of the above combined.  Budgeting is essential for any successful venture.   If you’ve been avoiding this task like the plague (trust me, I understand why), it’s time to finally confront your financial fears and start setting budgets!

Approach the (not so) dreaded B word Budgeting with the right attitude.

Thanks for listening

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