Resource Analysis, and how to carry one out is this weeks topic.  Let me show you how to do a resource analysis for your business?

Firstly, Resource Analysis is the process of identifying and evaluating all the resources that are available to achieve an objective.

Secondly, Resources include anything that can help or hinder your organisation meeting its objectives.  For instance, resources include people, equipment, time, and money.  The strategic capability of your business is determined by having adequate and suitable resources and competences. For competencies, think capabilities. Furthermore, resources and competencies are needed so your business can survive and prosper.

Above all Resource Analysis helps your business bridge the gap.  This is the gap between having valuable resources and using them constructively and efficiently.

Most importantly a resource analysis helps you understand what resources are important for your business’ success. Moreover, it will give you insight into which areas need improvement or further investment.

Furthermore, managers can see if they have sufficient resources before making any major decisions or investments in new projects. You might even find out that there are some things that don’t really matter anymore!

This can be illustrated by the following table

Threshold capabilitiesThreshold resourcesThreshold Competencies
* Tangible
* Intangible
Capabilities for competitive advantageUnique resourcesCore competencies
* Tangible
* Intangible

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Moreover, if interested in dealing with Resource Analysis for your business then Listen to find out more. This is all explained is here for you.   In addition, you will learn how to categorise resources, and limitations in this approach.  This podcast will help.

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