Cash is your financial priority, which is this weeks I Hate Numbers podcast.  In previous weeks turnover and profits have been in the spotlight, this time Cash is taking centre stage.

In this podcast I’m going to look at

  • What cash is
  • Why Cash is your financial priority
  • Tips for managing your cash

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Why Cash is your number one financial priority

Profitable businesses have become basket cases because they run out of cash.  Profit is important, that always must be a financial goal, part of your thinking and action. Moreover, cash is what keeps the lights on, the wheels of your business turning.  It’s like the fuel that drives a car, no fuel, no movement.

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How to make your cash flows better

To keep a ready supply of cash to pay your bills, your suppliers and yourself adopt good practices. Those include

  • Manage the credit you give
  • Update your books
  • Pay your bills
  • Do a cash flow forecast

A cash plan, a forecast is not a strait jacket, it is critical to realize your life and your business aspirations and goals. If you can’t think beyond today, then you have a problem.  Planning is liberating, empowering and life affirming


Above all, you need to know that Cash is your financial priority. This week’s podcast tells you this, plus calculations, tips, and advice.

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My mission is to help you get better acquainted with your best friend in business, your numbers-  improving your money mindset and wellbeing, making profit, save tax and time.

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